feynweb is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham


Welcome to the FeynWeb project. The HepForge account has only just been created so it will take a few days to get this page up and running.

The purpose of the FeynWeb project is to provide a simple means for websites to inlcude vector Feynman diagrams on their webpages. In the spirit of the web it takes XML as an input to do this.

The current PHP Beta version does this by outputting SVG. It is available from www.hepforge.org/downloads/feynweb.

Hopefully in the near future a javaScript version will be added to this which can output both SVG and to an HTML5 Canvas.

Ultimately, a javaScript API on top of which people coupld build an editor app would be great!

Please check back here soon! Until then, the old home of FeynWeb is still available.